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This business for sale $55K (206) 799-2658 includes van, tools, client list and introduction, website, phone,  bill $200K a year

Services Offered

Rain Shadow Handyman offers a wide array of home owner services from preventive maintenance and emergency response to scheduled absentee home owner property checks and storm response.  We believe in doing a job right and solving issues completely, services listed below are examples of work we specialize in, if you don't see a task listed that you need done: give us a call for a complimentary quote.

Absentee landlord property checks

Senior and accessibility modifications

Child proofing


Appliance installation and repair

Closet upgrades and organization systems

                Building new closets

                Converting excess rooms or space into closet, pantry, or storage space


                Adding or repairing outlets

                Adding dimmer controls

                Swapping or repairing light fixtures

                Adding under-counter kitchen lighting

                Troubleshooting and tracing issues

                Upgrading bathrooms and kitchens to ground fault interrupt (GFI) for safety

                Upgrading to programmable scene lighting

LED upgrades (interior and exterior)


                Leak repair

                Garbage disposal install and replacement

                Toilet repair or replacement

                Faucets upgrades and repairs


Trim and Cabinets

                Upgrading kitchens, baths, and trim


                Heated stone and tile floors

                “Pergo” or laminated flooring installed and repaired

                Solid wood floors installed and finished

Skylights and Solar Tubes installed and leaks fixed

Doors and Windows

                Upgrade exterior or interior doors

                Upgrade window(s) or replace broken panes

                Drafts fixed

Windows upgraded

Security upgrades (Deadbolts, Flush Bolts, and other devices)


Drywall installed and repaired

Mold testing and remediation


Decks designed and installed or repaired and upgraded (Composite decking, railings, built in lighting)

Storm checks for absentee landlords

House monitoring (30, 60, 90 day or by weather event (temperature, snowfall, wind speed)