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       Professional Home Maintenance, Repair, & Encouragement for a Brighter Day

Selling your home

Having recently remodeled and sold two homes we understand the pressure and needs of that process.  We know what it feels like to sell your home and your primary financial asset and how you want/need to get the best offer in the shortest time with the least hassle.

Actually it's a lot like laying tile: making sure you've done the right setup and planning before the adhesive hits the wall gives you the best finish and makes the whole process easier.

We offer a free consultation to you and your Realtor on what changes, repairs and accents it will take to give your home the best advantage in the current market environment.  And whether fixing things that will come up on the home inspection will lead to a faster close and more profitable transaction.

Download the checklist on this page and give yourself the best advantage, and if you don't have the inclination or time to do the work yourself; we'll meet with you and your agent to see if our services may be a good fit for your situation.

In the meantime see the work we did on our home recently HERE, the home sold in 4 days at significantly more than asking price.