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       Professional Home Maintenance, Repair, & Encouragement for a Brighter Day

Who are we?

We come from a career of work in the hospitality business with some of the best customer service companies on the planet; Disney, Four Seasons Hotels as examples.  We are professional, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured with the State of Washington.  You can expect us to arrive on time, keep you updated on the job, stay on budget, and do good, quality work.  We will clean up after we are finished and strive to earn your trust for a long term relationship should you need our services in the future.

David and his wife Lisa started visiting the area together over 20 years ago and like a good many other people fell in love with the area, weather,  the people, and lifestyle. a home was purchased in 2013 and developed from a weekend getaway to a home that couldn't be left.  After working in operations in the hospitality and entertainment business until 2014, David was drawn back to his roots and his tools: Rain Shadow Handyman was born.

There is no better reference than that of our former Renton home, David did all the work listed below (with a ton of support from Lisa) click here to see photos of the home. Originally purchased as a complete fixer upper the home was completely transformed over many nights and weekends, here are the main highlights:

Re-roofed including all new decking, added 4 skylights, installed custom hidden metal gutters.

Updated all windows to vinyl low e and fully insulated home, resided the two weather sides and wrapped them with Tyvek. 

Remodeled both bathrooms with heated granite floors, granite counters and shower surround (amazing how good a heated stone floor is on your feet!).

Raised the ceilings in the kitchen, master bedroom, and bath.

Complete kitchen remodel and expansion, changed wall openings and re-framed headers into ceiling, designed cabinets (cabinet company made them, David installed).  Scene lighting for kitchen and dining area was installed as well as in-ceiling stereo speakers.

Updated all plumbing to copper.

Upgraded electrical to 200 amp service with new breaker box and added dedicated circuits for all appliances and alarm system.

Wired the home with Cat5e, wired smoke detectors, and in ceiling IR repeaters (for remote control of stereo).

Built new upper and lower decks with LED lighting, BBQ plumbed to natural gas, pond, and shade trellis. A custom potting shed with potting shelf, skylight, and opening shutters was built to de-clutter the garage.  

Landscaped front with dry creek and natural stone bridge, added stone pathways to front and rear gardens.

All new low voltage and LED lighting inside.  Key doors updated to solid wood, all trim replaced with natural hemlock.

We did all of the color design and updated all of the light switches to illuminated Decora style,  Outlets were also updated to Decora and all face-plates were changed out to screw-less for a clean look and feel.

It should be noted that Lisa did the staging for the photographs.  The home sold in 4 days for significantly more than the asking price.